About Lorem 2

I started Lorem 2 because I wanted a nicer, better place in which to get my Lorem copy each day. For many designers, Lorem text is as an important part of the toolbox as Photoshop and coffee are. Well, maybe not. But it comes close; perhaps up there with Pantone color books for print designers and HTML libraries for Web designers.

In any case, for many years, I found myself working on a design for a client and, in a semi-desperate need for some dummy text, I went to the usual Lorem sites. There, I've found a combination of unappealing items and it's just too hard to get to the goods. I could stand it no more—and, thus, Lorem 2 was born.

This website was designed by Manoverboard, a design studio providing rebranding, design and marketing strategy to clients in the Cause-Related Marketing and Specialty Retail sectors. We focus on creating clean, clear, and compelling websites and printed materials. Lorem 2 was masterfully coded by Michael Barrish, with scripting assistance from William Dodson.

Oh, sure, I know that you could just keep a ready .txt file loaded full of Lorem copy on the corner of my desktop somewhere. Or, you could have memorized the darn thing by now. You could also just use the built-in tools in many text editors. But I think Lorem 2 is a better way. I hope that the site will prove useful to you and your design pursuits.

Very special thanks to my friends: Gabriel Breña, of Ábargon, for the Spanish translation; my friend, Amélie, for the French translation; and Florian Hardwig, for the German translation.